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Jones Botran - QuickMove

Please pay your outstanding invoices!
You owe us £194 !!!

Jones B traiding as QuickMove in Milton Keynes has failed to pay his outstanding invoices dating back to November 2010 (please see the copy of invoice below).

We have called and emailed Jones Botran 100ís of times but with no success. Please also be careful what Jason B says. He is very good in telling stories. Ask him for some reverences before you book him to carry out your move!

Please be aware that QuickMove (Quaick Mover) may be unreliable towards you too!

If you employed QuickMove to carry out a move for you and something went wrong or got damaged it may be difficult to get hold of them. They probably would never pay you any compensation exactly as they have never paid us the money for the work they have asked us to do for them!

If you had a bad experience with QuickMove run by Jones B based in Milton Kayne and would like to publish it on our website please contact us: info@quality-compare.co.uk


FAO: Jones Botran
Invoice to:
49 Lenthal Close
Bradwell Village
Milton Keynes
MK13 9DF
Invoice no: QCI-510
Invoice date: 2010-12-01
Invoice period: 2010-11-02 - 2010-11-30

Hi Jones

We have not received any payment from you.

This is to inform you that I am canceling our agreement and the total amount you own us is £194 - QCI387 (£68), QCI444 (£106), QCI510(£20)

I have passed on your details, our previous correspondence and all your outstanding invoices to Red Wood Collection Ltd. They will contact you shortly.

Also your outstanding invoices and company info have been published on our website in the debtor removal companies section.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time I shall be pleased to help

with kind regards

Quality Compare Ltd
0800 612 6259

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