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David Durrani - Push and Pull Removals

Please pay your outstanding invoice!

Push and Pull Removals and Storage run by David Durrani, based in 141 Morden Road Mitcham, Surrey, London, CR4 4DG is in debt of £1335. David Durrani contacted us in March 2013 and ask us to provide him with removal leads. After agreeing the rates and the areas to be covered by Push and Pull Removals the leads were sent to David. First two invoices were paid after sending a few reminders. The account was cancelled for 2 months. Finally we managed to get hold of David and after telling us a lot of made up on the spot stories David decided to pay 2 invoices and asked if his account can be reactivated. Showing our good will we have decided to reactivated Push and Pull account. All next seven invoices were paid with a few weeks or a couple of months delay. Every time we have tried to contact David Durrani regarding the outstanding invoices again and again we were listening to strange stories and circumstances which caused the delay in paying the invoices. Luckily we have managed to get David to clear some of them. Unfortunately only some of them. For over a year Push and Pull Removals in Storage run by David Durrani has owned us £1353. We have sent plenty of email, we called David hundreds of times. David keeps changing company and private contact details. Over last year we found online over 10 different numbers for Push and Pull removals. If we manage to get trough to David, he says he is not David - haaa. He has a very strong accent and his voice is very easy to remember. The other stories he tells us are that he has already paid all invoices and there is no outstanding balance and so on. A few times he was really rut to us shouting and intimidating us so we stop calling him.

Push and Pull Removals, David Durrani complaint

This is our online complaint about Push and Pull Removals. We will be happy to remove this bad review of David Durrani's removal company as soon as all the outstanding invoices has been cleared.

Message for David Durrani

Dear David we hope you have found this bad review and complaint about Push & Pull Removals and that this will cause you some reflections on your unprofessional and unacceptable behaviour. We have done our job and invested our money to generate the sales leads for you. You have failed to pay for the job we have done for you.

We serve over 100 UK Removal Companies and have never had such a bad experience with a company before. David Durrani's attitude is a disgrace. I wish no one to deal with such a liar, fraud and story maker.

Dear David Durrani

Our records show there are 6 outstanding invoices on your account. Could you please have a look and clear the invoices that are overdue:

Invoice No

Company name

Invoice date




Push and Pull Removals



£ 28.00


Push and Pull Removals



£ 138.00


Push and Pull Removals



£ 206.00


Push and Pull Removals



£ 395.00


Push and Pull Removals



£ 586.00


£ 1353.00

Your total outstanding balance is £ 1353.00

Please advise when we can expect the payment?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We hope to continue doing business with you.


Andre Grabowski
Quality Compare Ltd

Landline: 0800 612 6259
Fax: 0845 643 6702

Push and Pull Review

If you would like to make a comment or add a complaint or a review about Push and Pull removals, David Durrani, 141 Morden Road Mitcham, Surrey, London, CR4 4DG please contact us today. We will be happy to add any reviews those bad and those good if there are any?

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